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At Northern Hydraulics and Diesel Parts, we have been repairing diesel engines and hydraulic industrial machinery for eight years. As a family-owned and operated business providing the best prices for industrial repair in Haverhill, MA, we are uniquely qualified to provide excellent service at affordable rates through our combination of efficient work methods and sophisticated fabrication machinery.

One of the aspects of our business that serves to separate us from the rest of the industrial repair services in the region is our capability to fabricate parts. While we are adept at sourcing parts from around the world, sometimes the best option is to have special hydraulic hoses and cylinders fabricated in-house. Thankfully, our fabrication team can produce materials that correspond to the exact needs of your industrial equipment.

We are dedicated to efficiency at Northern Hydraulics and Diesel Parts, and we use our highly streamlined workflow to help our customers get their businesses operating in an optimally efficient way. Depending on your needs, this can be achieved through the sale of forklift parts that we keep a healthy stock of, or through affordable repair services with quick turnaround times.

When you need to have your industrial equipment repaired by talented and highly specialized technicians with years of experience in the field, only Northern Hydraulics and Diesel Parts can offer the greatest value for the services you need while minimizing the amount of time your tools and equipment spend in the shop.

To get a quote on the cost of your repair or parts replacement service, simply call us and ask us to inspect the machinery that you need to have serviced. We operate a tow truck on-site, so if you are unable to move your machinery, you can simply have us come to you, offer you an estimate, and take it to our shop for immediate repair. Order your industrial repair solutions from us to enjoy quality parts and service today!

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